Our Philosophy

If we had to put our convictions on paper, here’s a solid first draft:


1. Life happens everywhere®.

Ever notice the best moments in life are rarely staged or scheduled? We try to be open to them whenever and wherever they choose to appear. Life is unpredictable. Embrace the moment and live each day. Well.


2. Family is a verb®.

Single parents. Second marriages. Adopted kids. The definition of family has changed since our first rocking horse was made. To us, it’s all about how you treat people.

Game night, family dinner, riding bikes, road trip, movie time, stargazing, picnic in the park. Do something. Together.


3. Once a workshop brand, always a workshop brand.

We’ve never lost sight of the fact that our company started in a garage. 

While “our garage” has moved and expanded a few times over the years, we still consider ourselves a workshop brand: passionate, hardworking, not too proud, just roll up our sleeves and get it done.


4. Wabi-Sabi 

If wild ambition came from Dad, we owe this one to Mom. Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese concept of finding appreciation in the authentic. Nothing is perfect, but Mom taught us there’s good in everyone and everything. You just have to have the right eyes to see it.

The things that may frustrate us today will become the stories we tell tomorrow. Find the positive. In everything. Especially parenting.


5. We answer to a good night’s sleep™. 

Since we’re a family business, we hold ourselves to a higher standard: our family’s standard. We’re guided by our values, and a good night’s sleep is the best indicator of how we’re doing.


6. Bravery is inside us all®.

Brush off the stumbles, reinforce the positives, and celebrate every “I did it” moment that marks the earliest stages of an adventurous life. It’s brave to try and it’s even braver to get back up.